French Chess championship: nearly 1000 players are expected in Agen

The French chess championship will be held in Agen from 19 August to 27 August 2017. Nearly 1000 players from all over France are expected, with the prestigious title of French champion at stake.

In fact, there are eight tournaments that will be played, each player participating in the tournament that corresponds to his level and play nine games. The best players participate in the National tournament and in the National women’s tournament, which award the titles of French champion.

The 2016 French champion Matthieu Cornette will face a very strong opposition, with the participation of Etienne Bacrot, seven-time French champion and 39th player in the world. French champion Sophie Milliet will look for a 6th title.

The last days of the championship will coincide with the festivities of the « Pruneau-show » and chess players will be able to attend this very important cultural event and its concerts. Numerous animations are planned in the city, like the « Night of Chess » during which it will be possible to play against chess champions in the city center.

It will be possible to follow the championship live on the internet, with a dedicated site, the live broadcast of the games with comments and an important emphasis on social medias. The media coverage of the championship is indeed a priority.

The French chess championship is organized by the Agen chess club and the French Chess Federation (FFE), with the support of the city of Agen. This is the biggest tournament of the year organized by the FFE. About 3,000 people will make the trip, taking into account families and accompanying persons.

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